Pergo Rain Umbrella Range
Pergo Rain Umbrella Range
Pergo Rain Umbrella Range
Pergo Rain Umbrella Range
Pergo Rain Umbrella Range


Pergo Rain

The PERGO-RAIN system is especially suitable for the hospitality industry, allowing Restaurants, Hotels and Pubs to take advantage of the terrace all year round.

This attractive design allows the PERGO-RAIN system to be used all year round in any weather.



Great Versatility
  • LED strips in the small roof beams
  • Available with side sheeting to cut wind
  • Manufactured from aluminium profiles
  • Fireproof PVC
  • All weather conditions

M & D Gee launches PERGO-RAIN, the new system of awning (pergola) specially designed for protection against rain, and all weather conditions, making it a must for all year round, thanks to its excellent features.

The strength and versatility of the structure allow the installation of air conditioning units equipment inside, taking lateral closed properly, get adequate climate space to make better use of the terrace, in winter and summer.

PERGO-RAIN is supplied only motorized, with maximum dimensions of 12 meters clothing line output x 6.50 meters CANVAS WITH ONE being the maximum distance of 4 meters guides.

Furthermore, it offers the possibility of carrying out the preparation as indicated dimensions range in price list.

PERGO-RAIN is manufactured from aluminium profiles and parts lacquered by processes which ensure perfect protection from environmental corrosion. We use a canvas fabric opaque and fireproof PVC, which is constructed in a way that expels water collected in the gutter of the drop awning and subsequently through the inside of the rails without the risk of water entering the sides of the pergola. In addition to its resistance to rain and wind it provides great sun protection, and heaters can be used in bad weather, in any season.

The structure is available in the range of lacquered and all RAL system colours. Furthermore, the inside of the awning can have decorative canvases included.