Gas Heaters Range
Gas Heaters Range
Gas Heaters Range
Gas Heaters Range
Gas Heaters Range


Gas Heating

Instant sunshine at your command.

Incorporating spark ignition and thermo electric flame safeguard systems, the heat is varied by a single control knob located at a high level, out of harms reach.

Infra-red heat rays pass through the air without heating it.

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The rays only become ‘sensible’ heat when they fall on surrounding surfaces and people.

This generates a warming effect, similar to that created by the sun, both directly from the heater and also by re-radiation from the warmed surroundings.

The PYRAMID HEATER is elegant and effective – Now with powerful 13kw output

Our best selling Gas Heater

The Pyramid’s heat output can be adjusted with a variable valve and automatically shuts off if tipped over as part of its inbuilt safety mechanism. It has a wheel set for ease of mobility.

tahiti gas heaters

The Tahiti

Just over one metre tall

At just over one metre tall this Heater is designed specifically for smaller spaces and as the featured pictures show this makes it great for heating around outdoor sofa sets as the evening draws in.

This makes it great for commercial and domestic buyers. The outer casing is fashioned from powder coated steel and is extremely hard wearing and the rounded shape is completed with a polished steel protective mesh.

The heat mechanism is powered to 11kw giving it good heat output in close spaces meaning it creates a cosy, warm feel through its soft red glow that’s not intrusive and gives the whole thing that appealing look.

santorini gas heaters

The Santorini

Visible Flame Gas Patio Heater

The Santorini Patio Heater is a unique design that we’ve had specially made to operate perfectly in tighter spaces close to outdoor furnishings and accessories.

The intention is to combine style and functionality in a compact design that belts out the heat and is easily portable when entertaining outdoors late into the evening.